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Ebooks at UNIS: OverDrive

Some fiction on OverDrive

Borrow an OverDrive ebook

How to read an ebook from OverDrive

  1. Go to our Follett Destiny catalogue or directly to our OverDrive portal. Log in with your UNIS login.

  2. Search for the book you want.

  3. Click “Borrow.”

  4. “Go to Checkouts.”

  5. Click  Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 3.34.50 PM.png to begin reading in your browser. If you need to view the book in other formats, please speak with your librarian or tech coordinator.



How to save an eBook in your browser for offline reading:

  1. Once the book opens, click anywhere on the screen to see the menu symbol. Click it.     

  1. Select Offline Access.

  2. Select Start Download to download the book for offline reading.


  1. Bookmark the page (for Chrome, click the ). You should be able to access the book through your browser even if offline.

    OverDrive Help,

Return your OverDrive ebook

Some nonfiction on OverDrive

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