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Resources to support Grade 6 English A unit on issues facing children around the world, anchored by class reading of Iqbal.

Children Are the Future

"Children are the future and it is the responsibility of adults to protect them and ensure that they get the best footing in life. Unfortunately this is not always the case in many nations around the world .... It is hard to believe that these situations still occur, but learning about them is a good way to start trying to help."

"Top 10 Terrible Issues Facing Children Worldwide." Listverse, 6 July 2009.

[Many of the articles below are from the database Research in Context. You may need to use the password knowledge to be able to view the full text.]

Child Refugees

Children sit with water jugs at a refugee camp near Mardan, in northwest Pakistan, on May 9, 2009. Hundreds of thousands of residents have fled fighting in the northwestern Swat Valley area after a new military offensive began against Taliban militants. UPI Photo/Aajjad Ali Qureshi

"Syria's Lost Generation: Refugee Children at Work." Al Jazeera America, 12 Aug. 2017. 

"Report: Australia's Detention of Refugee Children Harmful." UPI News Current, 4 Feb. 2016.


"Poverty is the state of being poor. This means a person does not have the money to get what he or she needs to live and be healthy. International groups report most of the people on Earth live in poverty.... The World Bank counts those living on less than $1.90 a day as poor. In 2012, it counted 896 million people in this category."


"Causes and Effects of Poverty"

Magid, Jennifer. "The Price of Poverty: 'poor' all too often means 'poor health.' But there are ways to break the cycle." Current Health Teens, a Weekly Reader publication, Sept. 2010, p. 20+.

Zissou, Rebecca. "Out of Poverty: decades of economic growth and rising incomes are helping hundreds of millions of people worldwide escape extreme poverty." New York Times Upfront, 25 Apr. 2016, p. 8+. 

Child Labour

"Progress Slows in Ending Child Labor"

Hazrat Hussain, 10, loads bricks onto a truck. Hazrat doesn’t go to school and works alongside his two teenage brothers at a brick kiln outside Kabul.  © 2016 Bethany Matta/Human Rights Watch

"Throughout human history, children have often been forced to go to work at an early age to help support their families. Although some forms of child labor are considered acceptable, most have been outlawed or at least shunned over social and moral concerns. This is mainly because child laborers are frequently forced to do dangerous jobs under poor working conditions with little or no reasonable pay."

"Child Labor"

Langdo, Bryan. "Consider the Children." Cobblestone, July-Aug. 2017, p. 40+.

Zissou, Rebecca. "The Real Cost of Batteries: In the Heart of Africa, Miners as Young as 7 Risk Their Lives Searching for Cobalt, a Key Element in Smartphones and Other Electronics We Use Everyday." Junior Scholastic/Current Events, 15 May 2017, p. 12+.

Rheingold, Charlotte. "Did You Know That?" Skipping Stones, May-Aug. 2013, p. 13.

This article above refers to the document below.

"Child Domestic Work." Innocenti Digest, May 1999. UNICEF.


"An increasing number of shoppers are willing to shell out more for products that are not manufactured by child labourers, according to a new poll commissioned by World Vision. On average, Canadians say they would pay 23 per cent more for something if it came with a guarantee that no child helped make it - double the amount cited in a similar poll conducted just last year. In theory, the results are encouraging. But the real question remains: if that option actually existed today, which T-shirt would you bring to the checkout?"

"Made by an Adult." Maclean's, 24 June 2013, p. 8.


"Tobacco Companies Commit

to Protect Child Workers Worldwide"

An 8-year-old girl sorts and bundles tobacco leaves by hand near Sampang, East Java. © 2015 Marcus Bleasdale for Human Rights Watch


Lack of Education

Sok, Chivy. "Child Labor & Education." Faces: People, Places, and Cultures, Apr. 2006, p. 40.

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United Nations International School, Hanoi