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UNIS Hanoi READS!: The Challenge

Summer 2019 --Let's Read A Million Minutes!

Read a Million Minutes!

        1,000,000 MINUTES CHALLENGE

       UNIS Hanoi Reads Summer 2019

If everyone reads for just 30 minutes a day, at least five  days a week in the long holiday (14 June - 13 August 2019), together we can read for a million minutes! Imagine how much you can experience, how many new worlds you can visit, how much you can learn in just a short time each day. Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that reading makes you healthier and smarter ... and it's fun! 

You can read anything! Do you like serious mysteries, or romantic humor? Do you enjoy graphic novels and comics, or true crime, or biographies? Do you read magazines or newspapers? Do you read interesting articles or blog posts online? Listening to an audiobook while you travel counts as "reading" as well.

Everyone at UNIS Hanoi is challenged to join in -- students of all ages (parents can read to the non-readers), teachers and staff. Click on the buttons below or on the suggested books pages to log your minutes every day. 

Students who read the most will be rewarded. The grade that reads for the most minutes will get a unique prize. If we succeed in reaching the million minutes mark for the school, whoo-hoo!! [Watch this space!]

[Phoenix Summer Reading graphic by Noi Kim 5A)

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