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UNIS Hanoi Library: Digital Magazines

Digital Magazines

A few are bought directly from the publisher, or from another vendor.

UNIS does NOT have an all-school subscription to The Economist digital edition. Anyone can register at the magazine's website and read five free articles per month. UNIS does have one full access subscription for the DP Economics teacher. Individual specific articles may be requested from him.

RB Digital

1. Create a New Account in the UNIS RBdigital portal. You can use any email address you prefer - you don't need to use your school email.

2. You will be prompted for an access code. It is PhoenixVN. You may then be prompted for country: Vietnam and school United Nations International School, Hanoi.

3. Browse and Check Out a magazine using the  button. Start reading.

4. To read on a mobile device, download the app from the appropriate app store. 


5Log in to your account. When prompted, key in your account details (created in step #1)

6. Magazines you have selected on your laptop/desktop will appear in your mobile version of RBdigital. Note that the apps are for reading only. Check out magazines from your laptop/desktop.


How to Access RB Digital

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