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Early Years: How We Express Ourselves (HWEO): Home

We are strong and effective communicators.

"Ish" by Peter H Reynolds 4:02

Say Hello in Different Languages 2:19

Dance and Feelings 2:07

Niko Draws a Feeling 5:41

Justin and Jeremy "Who Let The Dogs Out?" 2:02

"The Dot" by Peter H Reynolds 4:02

Identity and Values 2:10

Expressing Your Emotions Through Art 4:50

We're All Wonders 2:41

Ants In Your Pants 1:53

Happy Relaxing Music for Kids 3:00:23

"I Am Yoga" by Susan Verde 2:28

What Do You Know About Feelings? 5:21

Ruby Finds A Worry 3:51

Justin and Jeremy "Kung Fu Fighting" 2:58

United Nations International School, Hanoi