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G06 - Science - Unit 3 - It's Electrifying: What is Electricity?

Useful Databases

Introduction to Electricity 5:25

Bill Nye The Science Guy on Static Electricity 1:54

Current Electricity | Types of Electricity | Electrical Current Video 3:24

Bill Nye the Science Guy - S02E05 Static Electricity 22:36

What's Inside an Atom? Protons, Electrons, and Neutrons! 4:06

How Electricity Works 2:33

Static Electricity | How it is Produced 3:13

The Science of Static Electricity 3:38

What is CURRENT– Electric Current Explained, Electricity Basics 11:39

Atoms | What are They? What are Protons, Neutrons and Electrons? 6:15

What is electricity? - Electricity Explained. 10:39

How Electricity Works | Understanding Electricity | What is Electricity for Kids 16:59

Great Websites

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