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Grade 3: Who We Are (WWA): Home

Global citizenship requires knowledge of other people's lives.

Global citizenship requires knowledge of other people’s lives.

Useful Databases

"Kindness Is My Superpower" by Alicia Ortega 8:49

What is a Mandala?

Cultures of the World 9:27

Show and Tell Foreign Languages 5:54

"All Kinds of Children" by Norma Simon 3:59

What Does It Mean to be Global? 1:50

Cultures Around the World 2:03

What Is a Global Citizen? 1:42

Cultures and Customs for Kids 3:08

If the World Were a Village of 100 People 3:11

Wellbeing for Children: Identity and Values 5:03

Christmas Celebrations in Different Countries 4:54

Global Citizenship and Civic Responsibilities 3:25

Suki's Kimono 9:54

United Nations International School, Hanoi