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Book Week 2021: Book Week 2021

Minh Le - D- G3

  • Nationality - Vietnamese Canadian
  • Home - San Diego
  • Picture Book Author
  • Writer for New York Times and other journals
  • Favorite past time - spending time with his wife and children
  • Hobbies - reading good books!

Book Week

Tristan Bancks - G4 - 8

  • Nationality - Australian
  • Home - Byron Bay
  • Actor - Australian Television, International Film Festivals, UK films
  • Author - amazing books for children and young adults
  • Writer /and director of films
  • Director of plays
  • Loves traveling, reading and writing outdoors, eating spicy food, spending time at the beach with his family, watching movies, playing all kinds of sports, visiting theme parks, hanging out with funny people, watching lightning storms, living simply, eating mangoes, making movies, drinking smoothies, sleeping, getting lost in a story and eating Ben and Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk ice cream!
United Nations International School, Hanoi