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IB Business & Economics Resources: Multi-media

Useful resources for your IB Business and Management or IB Economics course.

Videos on Demand

Thousands of videos and video segments that can be searched and filtered by subject, title, grade level, and date. Search for film clips or full videos on business or economics topics.

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Business and Economics Magazines

Entrepreneur magazine

Videos at UNIS

      Developing a Business Plan

Using a case study of a newly established restaurant, this video investigates: what a business plan is and why it is important; different types of business plans; the key elements of a business plan; vision and mission statements; operations, marketing, finance, the executive summary; common planning tools-SWOT analysis, break-even analysis and the importance of regularly evaluating the business plan.

            Evaluating Business Performance

After considering the why and how of evaluating the performance of a business, the programme looks in detail at the four common areas of analysis and interpretation: profitability, liquidity, efficiency (managerial effectiveness) and stability.

         Innocent Drinks : Good Ethics - Good Business?

This is the story of Innocent Drinks - the fruit smoothie company which has used its healthy image to carve out a unique position for itself in the drinks market. The firm has its own "sustainability squad" whose job is to monitor and reduce the company's carbon dioxide emissions. According to critics, their unusual approach - featuring informal, "jokey" communication with customers and giving 10% of profits to charity while making their business environmentally sustainable - is deceptive due to the fact that the ingredients of the smoothie have been clinically-proven to be less than healthful.

                 The Global Economy

Globalisation refers to the way the individual nations of the world are becoming more connected with each other, and in the process more interdependent. Using various case studies, this film investigates the nature of globalisation and the global economy. We see how financial markets in New York affect a farmer on the other side of the world. Other issues examined are trade and financial flows, free trade and protection, trading blocs and agreements, and international economic organizations.

London School of Economics -- Podcasts & Videos

The latest research films, the award-winning LSE IQ podcast and more than three thousand public event podcasts featuring some of the world’s leading thinkers.


BBC Business Daily Podcasts

Demystifying the world of money - Business Daily and In the Balance examine the big issues facing the global economy and look at what the analysis and the business jargon really mean. 

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