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G09 - Individuals & Society - Unit 1 - Industrialization: Transportation

PAST - An Animated History of Transportation 2:23


"Early trains replaced horse-drawn carriages as transportation technology advanced. At first, passenger cars were modeled after stagecoaches, with a driver seat in front and back."

Nardo, Don and John Willis. The Rise of Industrial America. Smartbook Media, 2017.

Steam Engine

"Steam Engine." UXL Encyclopedia of Science, edited by Amy Hackney Blackwell and Elizabeth Manar, 3rd ed., UXL, 2015. 

Ford Motor Company

At it's height, Ford employed over 100,000 people. Ford cars were completely assembled from the chassis up on a moving conveyor, and then drive off the line under their own power.

Transportation in the 1800s 1:21

PRESENT - Jets, Rockets, and Microtech 10:05

Jet Engines. Explanation of the jet engine.

FUTURE - How I Built a Jet Suit (Ted Talk) 7:08

FUTURE - What a Driverless World Could Look Like (Ted Talk) 11:31

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