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G09 - Individuals & Society - Unit 1 - Industrialization: Agriculture

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The Urban Agriculture Revolution

Capitalism and Socialism: Crash Course World History #33 . 14:02

Video looks at agriculture's effect on agriculture.

1800's Steam Traction Engine Tractor in Agriculture

Developed in the mid 1800s, the steam traction engine was self-propelled and could move without the use of rails.

Meat and Sustainability - Saving the Planet Takes Straying From the Herd 7:16

Antique Horse Drawn Mower

The development of horse-drawn mowers and reapers by Cyrus McCormick and others revolutionized agricultural production in the mid-1800s

Unbroken Ground (Full Film) 25:55

QUIZ - Industrialization: What do you already know?

6 Amazing Interactive Maps on Farming


How dairy and meat farming is challenging our environment, and animal rights.

Cowspiracy facts

Click on image for the full infographic.

Harvesting Grain Corn

Originally pulled by horse or mule, and later mechanized, the combine harvester streamlined agricultural processes. What had once been three separate processes (reaping, binding, and threshing) was now combined into one.

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