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G10 - Science - Organic Chemistry: Videos to Inspire

How Does Anesthesia Work? 4:55

A Small Country with Big Ideas to Get Rid of Fossil Fuels - Ted Talk 1:58

Could a Tattoo Help You Stay Healthy? 10:58

Biodegradable Plastic Bag Made of Cassava/Tapioca | Alternatives to Plastic | . 1:02

Oil Spill Cleanups: Finding the Right Chemistry - Science Nation 3:24

Synthesis of Nylon 1:13

Difference Between Biofuels & Fossil Fuels . 8:58

Natural Gas from Shale 9:22

Material Marvels with Ainissa Ramirez - Graphene . 4:05

How Do Pain Relievers Work? 4:13

What is Fat? 4:21

Why Doesn’t Anything Stick to Teflon? 1:58

Biofuels: An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Fossil Fuels? 13:02

Using Hydraulic Fracturing and Horizontal Drilling for Natural Gas Production 3:10

What Are Nestlé Doing About Plastic Pollution? 1:11

The Cost-Effective Technology That Can Clean Up Oil Spills 1:11

PCBs - How to Protect Your Family 2:35

Thalidomide Video for CBNS 3:13

United Nations International School, Hanoi