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Citation Guide: When Creating Digital Assignments

Digital Assignments: PowerPoint, Videos and Websites

What am I legally required to cite in my digital assignment?

You must cite the sources (images, videos, books, websites, etc.) that you used in your digital assignment. You must cite the source (where you got the information from) and the creator of the content (if available). 

What citation style do I use for the sources in my digital assignment?

There is no one required citation style, so please defer to your instructor's directions and citation style preference.

Listing Sources in PowerPoint, Videos, and Websites

Powerpoint you create: List your sources in a slide at the end of the Powerpoint presentation, with in-text citations throughout your presentation as applicable. You could also provide a print copy of the sources you used to those attending your presentation. 

  • For more examples of citation in a powerpoint, review these slides from Bennett College.

Videos you create: List your sources in a credits screen at the end of the video.

Websites you create:

  • For images, include a citation under each image using this format “From: XXXX” and then make the image a link back to the original image (example - picture of little girl). Or list the citation at the bottom of the web page.
  • For quotes or material from other sources, include an in-text citation that links back to the original material (example – second paragraph).

Images you create: If possible list your sources at the bottom or side of the image (example). Otherwise, include a list of citations alongside the image where ever it’s uploaded (e.g. Flickr, Blackboard).

**Please note that the above are recommendations only and your instructor may have a preference and directions for how and where you list your sources for your assignment.**

If you don't receive specific instructions from your instructor, try to include your citations in a way that doesn't impact the design of your digital assignment.

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