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G07 - PHE - Unit 3 - Onwards & Upwards: Self Esteem / Body Image


Useful Databases

Famous Failures (Motivational) 2:41

Self Esteem For Teens Part 1 4:47

3 Tips to Boost your Confidence - TED-Ed 4:16

Comfortable: 50 People 1 Question 4:13

How to Improve Teenage Self Esteem and Confidence | HOW TO IMPROVE SELF CONFIDENCE 12:18

Can This Affect Your Self Esteem or Body Image?

  • FOMO (Fear of MIssing Out)

  • Self-worth will never be measured by numbers on social media. Social media is not a competition. 

  • An Instagram post is only one tiny (filtered) moment from a person's day.

  • Youtube videos

  • Celebrity pictures

Self-Confidence: Caileigh Lydon at TEDxYouth@ParkCity 6:14

There Was An Attempt 6:23

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