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PYPX: Resources

Central Idea: We can each make a difference through community action.


Research is a most important part of the PYPX.  Whatever your project topic and your intended product, you will need to gather facts, information, ideas and suggestions.  Miso: what is it? Using the MISO methods of research will help you to practise ways of investigating topics that you might not have explored before. The four types of research included in MISO are Media, Interview, Survey and Observation.

Explore the Databases

How to Choose Your Research Topic

What is Research?

Searching Using Boolean Operators

Research is a Process

Research is a process and you may need to go back and forward a few times before you are happy with your results.

Costello, Cathy. “The Research Process,” Virtual Library, 8 Oct. 2019, Accessed 01/03/2021.

Using Keywords to Help You Find Information

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