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Visiting Author Online - Tristan Bancks: Assemblies

Welcome Assembly

As of now, we are super fortunate that all MS students will be able to attend the Welcome Assembly in the Theater on

MONDAY, March 29 - during HB time.


This student-led assembly will take the format below:

  1. Introduction
  2. An item from Performing Arts Department
  3. Welcome by students
  4. Tristan Bancks will address the assembly via Zoom - providing background information, bio, and how he got interested in writing,etc.  By doing this all students and faculty will "know" Tristan before his sessions in the classroom.
  5. Final welcome to Tristan to UNIS Hanoi by Jeff

Farewell Assembly

The purpose of the farewell assembly is to bring the vising author to closure and also provide an opportunity for the students to thank him for what they have learned over the week.


Friday, April 2 - during HB time


The farewell assembly is a part of the normal Friday assembly.

Tristan will Zoom into the assembly.

Students will share with Tristan what they learned over the week and share some of their writings.

Final farewell and thank you to Tristan from Unis Hanoi

United Nations International School, Hanoi