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G08 - Wellness: Grade 8 Wellness

Useful Databases

What Makes You Happy? 2:26


Morning Brain Exercise 10:43

Dealing With Rejection: What's the Best Way? 1:31

What Teens Think About: Healthy Relationships 2:03

The Most Important Lesson You've Learned 3:02

Self Image : You’re More Beautiful Than You Think 3:00

Resilience - Positive Self Concept 4:59


3-minute Mindful Breathing Meditation 3:14

Chair Yoga For Relaxation 8:21

Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships?

How Sugar Affects the Brain 5:02

Don't Be a Bystander 3:35

Resilience - No Excuses 3:09

Exercise, Stress, and the Brain 2:27

Mindful Breathing Meditation 5:22

Are You a Follower? 3:39

Why Does Nature Make You Feel Better? 5:44

The Power of Your Phone 4:58

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