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Grade 2: How We Organise Ourselves (HWOO): Home

Choices that digital citizens make impact the global community.

Being a Good Digital Citizen and Using the Internet Properly


All Digital Citizens

Follow the Digital Trail 2:15

Every piece of information that is put online leaves a digital footprint, or "trail," which can be big or small, and helpful or hurtful, depending on how you manage it.

Smartie the Penguin

The 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship

Should I Share?

The Power of Words 2:42

As you grow up you will naturally start to communicate more online. But some of what you see could make you feel hurt, sad, angry, or even scared.  It is important to think about the words we use because everyone interprets things differently.

The Rings of Responsibility 1:50

It is important to balance your responsibility to yourself and others in the digital world.

Digital Citizenship

BrainPOP offers topics to help students learn to be careful, considerate, and aware digital citizens. Explore their collection here for digital citizenship resources for movies, activities, games, and planning guides.

We The Digital Citizen 1:53

Internet Traffic Lights 1:08

Media Balance is Important 1:43

My Online Neighbourhood 3:16

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