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Grade 2: Sharing the Planet (STP): Home

There is an interdependence between plants and humans.

Useful Databases

The Plant Kingdom

The PLANT KINGDOM is divided up and organised into different catagories.


The GYMNOSPERMS (Conifers) are all plants that have seeds that are unprotected. They do not produce flowers. 

The ANGIOSPERMS ( Flowering Plants) make flowers and the seeds are protected by the flower.

FERNS have leafy or leathery fronds and have SPORES instead of seeds to reproduce. (A spore contains one cell and a seed contains many cells).

MOSSES and LIVERWORTS have spores to reproduce and have NO VASCULAR system for to transport water and nutrients.


Life Cycle of a Plant 5:14

How Do Plants Bloom in the Spring?


Click on the image above to learn about how flowers bloom in the spring and also how to do a great experiment

What is Photosynthesis? 3:42

The Parts of a Plant

Click on the image above to hear about the parts of a plant.

The Different Types of Plants (Gale in Context)

Click on the image above to learn about the different types of plants.

How Do Plants Adapt? 4:09

Plant Images You Can Use

Click on the image above to see all the beautiful plant images you can use in your investigations.

Plants, Trees, Fruits and Flowers of Vietnam

Click on the image above to learn about the plants, flowers and trees of Vietnam and the areas in which you will find them.

Vietnamese Tet - the lucky plants and flowers

Click on the image above to learn about the plants and flowers which are very important to Vietnamese people during their New Year celebrations.

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