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Grade 2: Who We Are (WWA): Home

Our values shape our communities.

Our Values Shape Our Communities.


UNIS Tour: What Are Our Vales?

Be the Change That You Want to See in the World 2:08

You don't always have to wait for others or things to happen of their own . Come on and get some things going all by yourself!

How Values Influence Our Behaviours

The Kindness Boomerang 5:44

This video shows how one small action can make an impact that can grow enormously. You might not ever know the impact of your actions and one action is never too small in the eyes of the person it affects.

What are the Different Types of Communities? 3:40

Types of Communities: Urban, Suburban and Rural 5:04

What Do UNIS Teachers Value?

Well-Being and Values 5:03

Emily's Hair 2:21

Some people say “but I’m just a kid, what can I do to make an impact?” Those people need to hear 3 year old Emily’s story. She shows that through the simple action of cutting her hair, she is making an impact.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, it matters how much you care. 

Being a Good Citizen 1:36

United Nations International School, Hanoi