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Grade 4: How the World Works (HTWW): Home

The Earth's surface changes over time

Earth’s surface changes over time


The Difference Between Weathering and Erosion

How was the Grand Canyon formed?

How to do a fair experiment

Erosion Mindmap

Press here to explore the different aspects of weathering and erosion.

Weathering and Erosion 3:42

Bill Nye - Rocks and Soils

Bill Nye explains the Rock Cycle

Great websites

Rocks and Minerals

What are rocks made from? In this Brain Pop movie you will explore rocks and learn how to describe rocks by their properties, like colour, lustre, texture, and hardness. You will also find out how geologists and other scientists study rocks to learn about Earth and what our planet was like long ago. Press here to watch.

Landforms 3:57

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