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Grade 4: Who We Are in Place and Time (WWAIPT): Home

What we preserve influences future generations.

What we preserve influences future generations.

Useful Databases

The Value of Heritage 4:20

World Heritage explained 2:08

What does Cultural Heritage Mean to You?

What is Heritage? Discover Your Cultural Identity

Defining what is your heritage means understanding your inherited sense of family identity. Click on the image above to explore these activities to strengthen and better express your own sense of heritage.

What is a World Heritage site?

Sites are designated as World Heritage sites because they have “outstanding universal value” under the Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage. This document was adopted by UNESCO in 1972 and formally took effect in 1975 after having been ratified by 20 countries. It provides a framework for international cooperation in preserving and protecting cultural treasures and natural areas throughout the world. Click on the image above to read more about the different types of heritage sites.

What is Cultural Heritage? 10:14

From One Generation to the next - the importance of culture

The star of TV series Family Rules was taught about her Nana's culture through her mother's storytelling. Daniella believes that by passing this knowledge down to her own children, they too will feel a connection to their Indigenous identity. Click on the image above to learn more about why it  is important to keep your culture.


Mapping our Cultural Heritage in 3D 2:39

Viet Nam's Cultural Heritage 3:01

Exploring the World Heritage sites of Cambodia, Laos and Viet Nam

This book can be read online at the UNESCO digital library. Click on the image above to access the online edition.

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