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Grade 5: How the World Works (HTWW): Home

An inquiry into the forms of electrical energy, energy consumption and the way energy is used.


Useful websites

Renewable Energy Explained

Energy Transformations

Energy is the ability to do work. Energy can't be either created or destroyed, it just change from one form into another form. This change is called Energy Transformation.

What is energy?

Three short demonstrations that expand your understanding of energy. First, using peanuts and heat, you can see how the human body uses food to make energy. Then, you can create paper snake mobiles to explore how heat energy can cause motion. Finally, you can determine the effect that heat energy from the sun (or a lamp) has on temperature by placing pans of water in different locations.

Renewable Energy

Amazing Facts about Renewable Energy

Books in the Library

Can Renewable Energy Power the World?

Renewable Energy 101

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