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Grade 5: How We Organise Ourselves (HWOO): Home

Power comes with responsibility.

How Decisions are Made: The Power of Influence And How Rules Shape Behaviours and Our Responsibility As Citizens


Different Types of Government 2:45

World Leaders at a Glance

Presidents and prime ministers, kings and queens, dictators, generals, philosophers, theologians, and social activists—all have helped to shape the world. The links here from Britannica School highlight some notable world leaders throughout history.

The Different Types of Governments

Who Rules?

Rights and Responsibilities 1:53

Newsela Text Set: Government Systems

Read the text sets from Newsela here about how government systems influence the lives of its citizens.

Government: A definition

A government is a system of people and rules for managing a community or country. Governments set the laws and make sure the laws are followed. A government can cover a community of many different sizes, including small towns, large cities, counties, states and nations. The United Nations represents the entire world.

What is Democracy? 3:09

What are Children's Rights? 5:51

What makes a great leader? 3:49

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