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Ebooks at UNIS: Ebooks on UNIS ResourceSpace


UNIS has an online space for its digital resources, using an open source software package called, appropriately, ResourceSpace. Some ebooks have been purchased with their digital rights, and the originals of these have been loaded and can be downloaded from ResourceSpace.

Some ResourceSpace ebooks

How to read a ResourceSpace ebook

How to read an ebook from the UNIS ResourceSpace

  1. Go to our Follett Destiny catalogue.

  2. Search for the book you want.

  3. Click “Open” or, in the Details view, look for the link "PDF (Download from UNIS ResourceSpace)."

  4. If prompted, log in with your UNIS username and password.

  5. Download



-- You can also go directly to our ResourceSpace (log in with your UNIS username and password) and search for a book by title or keyword.

Some ResourceSpace ebooks

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