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UNIS Model United Nations: Issue and Topic Resources

The amount number of information sources available to you is massive, so before you start your research think carefully about what type of information are you looking for in regards to your MUN topic. 

Information is available through many sources - books, periodical articles, scholarly articles, websites, journal articles, encyclopedias, government documents - the list is endless. 

Be careful of where the information has come from. Ask yourself which country disseminated the information? Who is the intended audience? Is the information accurate or biased?

March 2023: The membership of Balochistan (UNMC)

March 2023: The membership of Scotland (UNMC)

March 2023: The question of combating the impacts of climate change (APC)

March 2023: The question of incentives and penalties for the transition to green industry (UNEA)

March 2023: The question of limiting hybrid war (GA1)

November 2022: The question of gender based violence (SDG5)

March 2023: The question of reproductive choice (SDG5)

March 2023: The question of the erosion of workers’ rights (HRC)

March 2022: On the issue of abuse & discrimination facing female migrants & asylum seekers (SDG 5 Committee)

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