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G06 - Science - Unit 2 - Matter and Change: Chemistry Magic


Chemistry Magic: Lab Equipment  Research 


Above is a list of scientific lab equipment, materials, and tools that we will use in our NEW CHEMISTRY  UNIT. Each of these items has an interesting history of discovery & invention. Have a look at the items below, and choose one to research. YOU will become a resident expert on the topic! 

How to get started… 


1. Use the Research Table above to guide your research. 

2. Make sure to use at least 2 different sources for your research  (you can use websites, books, videos, etc….BUT no Wikipedia!).  Cite all of your resources in the “Works Cited” section  using “My Bib” MLA 8

3. When writing, try to summarize and describe information with as much detail as possible: give details, specifics, examples, and make connections! 

4. Use at least 5 Scientific Terms  in your writing. Highlight them, and provide a “KeyWord List” at the bottom of your page including terms & definitions. 

5. Use the Criterion D rubric to help guide and check your work

Useful Databases

Record Results on Research Table

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