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General Science Resources: Reading


A source for current events, news and non-fictional content for English, Science and Social Studies. Their mission is to empower kids to engage with digital media in a fun, safe and social environment.

Current events articles on geology or earth science.


Epic Reading

Explore over 40,000 books, audiobooks & learning videos.

Frontiers for Young Mind

Frontiers is the 3rd most-cited and 6th largest research publisher and open science platform.

Our research journals are community-driven and peer-reviewed by editorial boards of over 202,000 top researchers. Featuring pioneering technology, artificial intelligence, and rigorous quality standards, our research articles have been viewed more than 1.9 billion times, reflecting the power of open research.

New Scientist

Daily news on scientific discoveries and developments.

Recommended Books List:

Science Daily

Daily articles on science topics. The reading level may be more advanced.


Science News for Students

Great website with current science news on a variety of topics. It is geared for middle school students and provides the reading level and vocabulary list for most articles. The blog you can subscribe to here

Smithsonian Tween Tribune

Science current events for teens curated by grade level. The reading level can be adjusted on the articles to make it easier or more challenging to read.

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