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Grade 3: How We Organize Ourselves (HWOO)

Economic activities affect people.

Databases and References

Where Children Must Work 7:40

How to Shop Ethically 2:07

If You Knew What Went Into Making Chocolate, You Wouldn't Buy It!

People don't realize that child labour or slavery – including that of kidnapped children sold to plantation owners across international borders – is a likely ingredient in their chocolate, especially if it involves cocoa beans originating in West Africa.

Not all child work is considered labour, but a child cocoa labourer may be kept out of school to do physically harmful work, such as carrying heavy loads (often on the head), using dangerous tools such as machetes and handling harmful substances, such as pesticides. 

Despite efforts to stop it, child labour has only increased in recent years. In Ivory Coast, for example, child worker numbers in cocoa grew 51 per cent to 1.3 million between 2009 and 2014. 

Finding A Path to Fair Work 16:50

The Story of Fair Trade Football 8:04

Tipping the Balance 5:14

Economic Activities Padlet


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Goods and Services 6:54

Human Footprint

Click on the image above to read about everything you will eat, wear, use and throw out in your lifetime.


Digital Resources

The Fight Against Child Labour 3:17

Forced Labour 1:20

Dr Bronner Palm Oil 2:13

Our Impact on the Environment

Books in the Library

Child Labour

There are 152 million child labourers in the world today.

That's nearly 10% of the world's children over the age of 5.

There is a chance you could be connected to child labour through the things you buys.

Click on the image above to lean about the work of World Vision in helping put an end to child labour.

The Story of Stuff 21:16

Epic Reading

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International Workers' Day

Workers’ Day is a holiday that honours all workers. It is celebrated on the first of May in many countries. On this day, workers of all kinds have the day off. Those who fought for workers’ rights are remembered. Please click on the image above to read more about this special day.

Fairtrade Bananas

What is eco-tourism? 2:23

United Nations International School, Hanoi