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Grade 3: Sharing the Planet (STP)

Economic activities affect people.

Central Idea: The struggle to share the environment impacts living things

Databases to investigate

The Brilliant Deep: Rebuilding the World's Coral Reefs

Sharing the Planet Padlet

Click on the image to get to the padlet.

The Boy Who Grew a Forest

Endangered Species Facts

Endangered animals 4:18

What is conservation? 3:26

Plants Padlet

Click on the image to get to the padlet.

What happens when habitats are destroyed? 3:48

Protecting animals in the wild 9:18

Teaching Children about Wildlife Conservation 7:49

Protecting tiger habitats in Nepal 2:37

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Sharing the Planet

Endangered animals


Our Planet 48:31

Biomes Padlet

Click on the image to get to the padlet.

Habitat loss and endangered animals 1:53

Critically Endangered Species

This world map features animals that have been categorised as Critically Endangered by the Union for Conservation of Nature.

The impact of the changing environment 0:40

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