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MS/HS Visual Art Resources: Art Resources

Khan Academy

Similar to Smarthistory khan Academy has a huge range of resources that span across cultures and time.

It also as fundamental like Approaches to art history and Looking at art


They are partnered with Smarthistoryy and Ted talks and lots of museums from around the world.


Art21 is a great resource that has short videos and essays about contemporary art. This website has series organised around themes like protest, structures, or memory. This is useful as it will give you some ideas about how to curate your own Comparative Study around a theme.

Art Story

This is a useful resource for research as it summaries key ideas explored a particular artist, has useful information about cultural context and provides a useful description and analyses of key artworks made by the artists. This website has a good range of contemporary artists appropriate for Comparative study and links to additional websites for further research.

InThinking IB Visual Arts

Please see your teacher for login details.


Smarthistory is the most viewed art history website int he worlds and  it partners with

What is great about this website is it has a huge range of resources that span across time and culture.


Global cultures1980 - now

Introduction to art historical analysis


Annenberg Learner

Art Through Time: A Global View examines themes connecting works of art created around the world in different eras. The thirteen-part series explores diverse cultural perspectives on shared human experiences.

United Nations International School, Hanoi