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Book Week 2020: HS Activities

HS Book Week Expecations

  • It would be fantastic if each student could complete at least one of the activities - Book Case Challenge or Book Challenge!
  • During Homebase, take the time to complete the Google Form for the Instagram account.
  • Homebase time - you could video yourself at a section in the library OR showcase your bookcase at home for the BOOKCASE CHALLENGE!
  • Be in it and have fun!
  • Follow unisphoenixreads on Instagram

Book Challenge


  • Choose a book you have loved reading
  • Promote the book to others by completing this Google Form
  • Responses will be posted to the UNIS Instagram account each day - #unisphoenixreads

A few ideas to help you select a book!

  • Favorite book
  • A book that has a color in the title
  • Based on a true story
  • Set in Asia
  • Book from your favorite genre - be sure to include the genre in the hashtag
  • Genre you don't usually read
  • A book someone recommended you read
  • Makes you laugh
  • A book in a series
  • etc


Participate in a 5-day book challenge. Each day complete the GOOGLE FORM  with the message below - (change Day 1 to Day 2 to Day 3 etc)
Day 1: I was challenged by Mrs. Hodgson(or the person who challenged you) to post 5 books over 5 days that mean a lot to me for various reasons. No exceptions, no reviews, just covers. If you'd like the challenge I would like to nominate XXXXXXXX

Be sure to put the hashtags #unisphoenixreads #bookweek2020

Book Case Challenge

Bookcase Challenge!

  • Video yourself showcasing your bookcase
  • Keep it real - it is fine to have a messy or neat bookcase.
  • Tell us a little about your bookcase - ie is there any order to the arrangement, etc
  • Showcase a title or two that you would recommend for others to read!
  • 1 - 2 mins maximum!
  • Upload video to this FOLDER
  • Video will be showcased on the UNIS LibGuide and also potentially on the UNIS social media platforms to celebrate Book Week 2020
  • Have fun!
United Nations International School, Hanoi