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Summer Reading: G10 - Language and Literature


Read This Great Book



  1. Read the collection of short stories
  2. For each story, create a table in a Google doc. and record your responses to the stories in the following way:

Title of story:

Text to self:

Text-to-self connections are highly personal connections that a reader makes between a piece of reading material and the reader’s own experiences or life

Think about:

1. What does this remind me of in my life? How does this relate to my life?

2. How is this different from my life?

3. What were my feelings when I read this?


Text to world:

Text-to-world connections are the larger connections that a reader brings to a reading situation.

We all have ideas about how the world works that goes far beyond our own personal experiences.

Think about:

1. What does this remind me of in the real world?

2. How is this text similar to things that happen in the real world?

3. How is this different from things that happen in the real world?

4. How did that part relate to the world around me?



Your notes will be your first formative assessment of the year and will mark the start of your Learner Portfolio!

United Nations International School, Hanoi